тишина. Tishina.-Russian, noun: silence, quietness, hush, quietude.

This series explores the subtlety of daily life scenes in Moscow and Saint Petersburg during the summer after Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24, 2022. As Russia attempts to maintain a sense of normalcy, a tense calmness is sustained by control of the narrative, enforced not only by the authorities but also by the ordinary citizen willing to turn over those who publicly or privately disagree with the regime's actions in Ukraine. Public squares teeming with events, busy bars, and other typical scenes make it clear that attempts to resist and protest the war were quickly left behind. After more than 15,000 people were arrested in the antiwar protests, many who opposed the invasion felt that even if they decided to take a stand, it wouldn't make any difference.

Many anti-regime Russians left the country as soon as they could to places like Turkey, Georgia, and other countries. Those who can't afford to leave or have decided to stay face the decision of cutting off contact with relatives or friends who support the war or resigning themselves to the idea that they will not be able to change their minds. As a result, most people avoid the subject of war in their conversations, creating a palpable feeling of hopelessness and detachment from what is perceived as a distant reality. 
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