On September 26, 2014, at Guerrero state, six people were killed, and 43 students of the Ayotzinapa teaching school were kidnapped by municipal police in the city of Iguala and then delivered to a group of organized crime linked with the local mayor José Luis Abarca, a drug cartel called "Guerreros Unidos" to be killed and incinerated, according to the authorities of the Mexican government.

According to experts from the CIDH, the government's version of the facts about what happened with the students is wrong and may have included plantation of evidence, torture to the detained and a clear cover-up from the highest levels in the government. The deaths and the disappearances have left 180 direct victims and around 700 indirect victims as result of the number of affected families, according to the CIDH and AI.

Inside their homes, the presence of those who were disappeared is strong, their families keep their portraits near to religious images as offerings to keep hope despite the time. As they still looking for the truth, the families of the missing hold their love for their sons, their husbands, their fathers and their brothers.

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