The CRAC-PC is a self-defense crew created by locals of Guerrero state to defend themselves against the drugs cartels and the corrupt police normally linked to the organized crime. They are people of humble origin as peasants, workers and even some of them are former military. They are between 16 and 60 years old elected by the people to watch the towns voluntarily without receiving any payment.
For years, the members of the community police of Tixtla have protected their community and pitted against members of organized crime despite the imprisonment of leaders like Nestora Salgado and Gonzalo Molina. Some of the weapons they use are part of an illegal and corrupted operation between Mexico's Defense Department, the German arms company HK and several German authorities. These models of HK assault rifles are used by troops like the NATO's military forces, but in Mexico, these weapons were in the hands of the police linked with the cartels and were used in crimes against civilians, especially in Guerrero state.
The members of the community police clashed to disarm the municipal police and take control of the security. Now they use those guns to defend themselves.
Since their uprising, some of the members that appear in these photos were ambushed and executed by sicarios while they were patrolling their town.

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