On December 11, 2006, President Felipe Calderón declared the so-called war against drug cartels. The Drug War was considered a disaster, however, it continued with the new administration of Enrique Peña Nieto. According to official statistics, since 2007, more than 186,000 people have been executed, more than 78,000 of them in the current government of Enrique Peña Nieto. In the same period, around 30,000 people have disappeared, more than 13,200 of them during Peña's presidency, until now. By failing to carry out security tasks and being accused of constantly violating human rights, the Mexican government has been called failed State, the distrust of citizens has led to the creation of self-defense groups and even death squads formed by victims dedicated to seek for revenge against those who killed or disappeared their families, becoming into a new armed group.

This series of photographs goes from the northern tip of the country to the south coast, it tries to show the dark and blurred scenes that can be seen in these places, where sometimes one does not understand what is happening, where the death comes from and for who. Following armed groups of sicarios and sometimes those who are looking for them in strange territories with faceless people through constructions known as places of torture which blend with the landscape.

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